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CTO Hori’s Invited Lecture on “Energy-efficient CO2 Recovery System Based on MOF” at Technology Information Association

On June 3, 2024, SyncMOF’s CTO, Hori, delivered an invited lecture at a seminar hosted by the Technology Information Association. The lecture, titled “Energy-efficient CO2 Recovery System Based on MOF,” focused on the separation and recovery technology of CO2 using MOF/PCP.

In this lecture, Hori introduced the latest research achievements and practical efforts of SyncMOF’s innovative CO2 recovery system using MOF (Metal-Organic Frameworks). Highlighting energy-efficient DAC examples and CO2 separation and recovery from industrial exhaust gases, he presented specific solutions aimed at a sustainable future.

The lecture also showcased SyncMOF’s societal implementation examples, including the utilization of recovered CO2 and carbon cycling technologies. Details of Hori’s lecture can be found at the following link: Technology Information Association Seminar Details

At SyncMOF, we are committed to promoting environmental protection and sustainable energy use through our innovative MOF technology.