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Lecture at the 54th Chubu Marketing Conference

Hataoka CEO took the stage at the 54th Chubu Marketing Conference, where many of the most prominent business leaders of the past have taken the stage. In a slight change from his usual presentations, Mr. Hataoka spoke about SyncMOF’s business from a marketing perspective.
We would like to thank the audience of more than 1,300 people who attended the event, both in person and online, and we hope that the event was a great success.

The 54th event featured the following six speakers
Akio Yamaguchi, President and CEO, IBM Japan, Ltd.
Kazuo Matsuyama, President and Representative Director, Asahi Breweries, Ltd.
Akito Mizuno, President and Representative Director, Mizuno Corp.
Junichi Hataoka, President and Representative Director, SyncMOF Inc.
Kosuke Ueda, President and Representative Director, University of Tokyo Collaborative Platform Development Co.
Mr. Taro Monozukuri, Representative Director, Manufacturing Industry Excitement Team Co.

What is Chubu Marketing Conference?

The Chubu Marketing Conference is held for two days in March every year as the most important activity of the Chubu Marketing Association, and is usually attended by more than 1,200 corporate executives and people in charge of corporate strategy, corporate planning and sales departments. The conference is designed to provide an opportunity to think about the future of marketing, with lectures on the importance of marketing management and marketing strategies for creating a vibrant Japan.

Title: The Challenge of Becoming Carbon Neutral through Co-Creation with Customers