Providing excellence

What is important to the future of humanity, and how should we contribute to it? At SyncMOF, we aim to produce things that can benefit people. Gases are sustainable and environment-friendly energy resources. We believe that opening a new way for people to utilize gas resources is one of the answers. When using gas resources, it is essential to develop materials that can separate useful gases from a gas mixture and store them safely. MOFs and PCPs are dream materials that enable them. Additionally, to promote the use of gas resources, innovations in the technologies and industrial structures are required. SyncMOF is not just a manufacturer of MOFs and PCPs. As a group of professionals with the experience of handling gases in a university laboratory, we would like to contribute to our customers with our excellence in expertise and technology. With our products, we hope to discover new potentials of gas resources and promote the use and application of them. We are continually developing new products to make gas resources more accessible to everyone.