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Gas Visualizer

We are in an era of directly observing adsorbed molecules

Direct observation of the gas molecules inside the pores of porous materials.

New technology to directly observe the gas molecules inside the pores.

Every researcher dreams to see how the gas molecules are adsorbed in their porous materials. Gas Visualizer realizes that dream. With the aid of MEM, Rietveld, and PDF (Pair Distribution Function) analysis, the structure of adsorbed gas molecules can be observed experimentally. Gas Visualizer enables the identification of the adsorption sites in the pores. This information can be used for the design of a new adsorbent.

ガスをMEM・リートベルト法、PDF(PairDistribution Function)解析等の⼿法を駆使し直接観察する図

Materials design with cutting-edge X-ray facilities and AI.


Gas Visualizer directly observes the gas molecules adsorbed in the pores of MOFs (Metal-Organic Frameworks) based on the data obtained from experiments at cutting-edge X-ray facilities including synchrotron radiation facility, SPring-8, and Aichi Synchrotron Radiation Center.
Sometimes, the use of these synchrotron radiation facilities can be challenging because of the complication in the entire procedure, starting from research proposals to experimental methods. We support our customers from the step of writing the research proposal to the final step of structure analysis.
Additionally, at SyncMOF, we are developing a technology to automate the process of structural analysis with the aid of AI and RPA.※ With this technology, our customers will be able to focus on the development of new materials without going through the trouble of solving the structure, which requires expertise and experience.
The materials design of a new era starts from the direct observation of the nanoscopic space. This technology can be used for materials other than gas adsorbents as well. This service is for every customer who has experimented at synchrotron radiation facilities. We can analyze the structure of materials other than adsorbents if requested.

RPA※(Robotic ProcessAutomation)
RPA is a technology to automate routinized tasks with software robots on the computer. At SyncMOF, we teach AI the knowledge required for structure analysis and use RPA to automate the process. With Gas Visualizer, all you need to do is save your diffraction data in the folder and wait for the analysis results.

Service guide

  • ヒアリング


    Based on the consultation, we will help you select which MOF to observe.

  • 申請


    We will determine the experimental conditions and discuss the contents of the application forms to submit to the synchrotron radiation facilities.

  • 実験


    We will carry out the X-ray diffraction measurements under gas adsorption process.

  • 解析


    We will analyze the obtained diffraction data and determine the refined structure. If you already have a diffraction data, let us know the experimental conditions, and we can solve the structure for you.

Structure analysis※
In structure analysis, there are cases where the gas molecules in the pore cannot be directly observed. Even though the structure analysis does not reach the final solution, we promise to extract as much structural information as possible.