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Lab Design

“Preparation for gas experiments takes too much work”. We will overturn the idea

SyncMOF will thoroughly support your gas experiments with its knowledge and experience.

Get safe and cutting-edge gas experiment facilities.

We will support your gas experiments. Gases are invisible, and they have the risk of exploding. Handling gases requires adequate knowledge and experience. When experimenting with gases, we need complete safety measures and experimental facilities that fulfill several laws and regulations, such as the High-Pressure Gas Safety Acts. At SyncMOF, we have the thoroughgoing safety measures and the knowledge obtained from our experiences at Nagoya University to support your gas experiments.

We will prepare everything you need for your gas experiments, including SmaCabi (cylinder cabinets), experimental devices for liquid nitrogen and liquid helium, and high-pressure centralized piping. All you need to prepare is the drawing of your laboratory room.

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