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Visual Conc

Visual Conc

Visualize and monitor the amount of gas emitted

Visualization and monitoring system to observe the gases emitted from samples.

Visualize and monitor invisible gases.

Visual Conc was developed in response to a request to monitor the amount of gas emitted from a product. This gas visualization system helps you determine the source of unpleasant smell and when the gas is emitted.
Visual Conc first detects the emission of gas with a pressure indicator and then analyses the components with gas chromatography and mass spectroscopy. As shown in the figure, the results of gas chromatography and mass spectroscopy measurements will be shown as peaks. From these peaks, the amount of gas emitted can be calculated and displayed in bar graphs.


Automation, remote control, and connection with other devices. Get all the functions you need.

The systems of Visual Conc can be automated and controlled remotely by using cloud systems. With this function, all the gas sources around the world can be monitored collectively. It is also possible to connect Visual Conc with other apparatus such as gas chromatography instruments and mass spectrometers. This device can be customized to best suit our customers’ needs.


Service guide

  • ヒアリング


    Let us know what kind of gas you would like to monitor. We can identify the emitted gases if they are unidentified.

  • 開発

    2Development of the system

    We will construct a Visual Conc system based on your request.

  • 動作確認

    3Operation test

    We will check the operation of the system on-site. The operation test will be done on-site for customers who chose to use the cloud system as well.

  • 分析評価


    After the installation of the system, we can attach an analysis report.