Company Name
SyncMOF Inc.
June 20, 2019
Head Office: No. 403, Nagoya Medical & Industrial Collaboration Incubator, 2-22-8 Chikusa, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 464-0858, Japan
Synthesis and production of new porous materials/performance evaluation/development and sales of performance evaluation equipment Development and sales of products and merchandise using new porous materials Development and sales of gas-related products and merchandise Consulting services related to the above
Junichi Hataoka
Akihiro Hori

Management Team

Junichi Hataoka CEO

Early in his career, Junichi played a pivotal role in the ERATO project, seconded from the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). Here, he made significant contributions to the development of MOF-related equipment and the establishment of evaluation criteria.

Subsequently, at Accenture, Junichi navigated diverse industries, spanning semiconductors, food, GMS, and pharmaceuticals. His journey encompassed business improvement and intricate problem-solving, shaping him into a versatile leader.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Junichi is a dedicated supporter of entrepreneurship, providing education and guidance to emerging business leaders. His expertise has played a crucial role in successfully guiding several clients through their business exit processes.

Akihiro Hori CTO

Akihiro has delved into superconductivity research as a Research Fellow (DC1) at Okayama University under the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). Recognizing the impending “gas era” amid decarbonization trends, he transitioned his focus to MOF research. Akihiro’s expertise grew through impactful roles at RIKEN and Kyoto University, where he contributed significantly to the development of cutting-edge devices elucidating gas concentration and separation phenomena by MOFs. His contributions extended to national projects, and as a faculty member at Nagoya University, he played a pivotal role in discovering new MOFs and expanding their potential applications.

Akihiro’s commitment extends beyond SyncMOF, as he actively fosters entrepreneurship through educational initiatives in high schools, universities, and institutions like Kawaijuku. Leveraging his unique network, he revels in creating novel businesses by merging technologies from diverse fields, facilitating numerous successful projects.


JR/13 min. walk from Chikusa Station. Subway/13 min. walk from Tsurumai Station.
City Bus
Take line Sakae 17 (栄17) and exist at Chihaya (千早). It takes 2 min. on foot from the bus stop.
We are located close to the Fukiage interchange exit on Nagoya Expressway.