About MOFs

Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) are porous materials with versatile functionalities.

MOF, a porous material crafted from metal ions and organic ligands, features jungle gym-like cavities. Unlike conventional materials like zeolites and activated carbons, MOFs’ structures can be easily tailored. This adaptability allows for the synthesis of MOFs optimized for specific applications, such as selectively capturing CO2 from the air while simplifying the regeneration process. MOFs effectively eliminate the challenges posed by easily diffusing and mixing gases, establishing them as a cornerstone material in the emerging era of gaseous resource utilization, replacing traditional petroleum sources.

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    Flexibility in Structural Design

    MOFs has a remarkable flexibility in structural design, enabling the synthesis of new MOFs with ease. Synthesizing MOFs involves a straightforward process of mixing metal ions and organic ligands in a test tube. The structural possibilities are virtually limitless, dictated only by the choice of metal ions and organic ligands. With the ability to design MOF cavities before synthesis, tailoring MOFs to specific targets becomes an uncomplicated endeavor.

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    Exceptional Storage Capacity

    MOFs exhibit approximately three times the storage capacity of other porous materials, thanks to numerous nano-sized pores. This unique feature allows for the safe and high-density storage and transportation of gases that tend to mix and diffuse easily. MOFs play a crucial role in overcoming the challenges associated with handling low-density gases

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    Ease of Transport and Processing

    As a powdery substance, MOF is easily transportable. Its functionality remains intact after processing, enabling compression into pellets or blending with fibers for the fabrication of filters. We develop MOF-incorporated devices by molding MOF, expanding its applications beyond its powdered form

A New Future Powered by MOF

Explore the possibilities of a new era with MOF. This remarkable material facilitates the extraction of energy from the surrounding air and exhaust gases, contributing to a future where carbon-free gaseous resources are utilized to make revolutionizing society.

Our Services

Innovative Solutions with MOF

Our approach involves a profound understanding of MOF characteristics and a meticulous assessment of our clients’ challenges. From a vast array of 100,000 MOFs, we select the perfect match for the application, coupled with the development of MOF-equipped tools leveraging our expertise in mechanical engineering and beyond.