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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We, SyncMOF Inc. (hereafter, referred to as SyncMOF) declare that we shall develop and follow the privacy policy regarding the handling of personal information and specific personal information (hereafter, referred to as personal information), and handle all your personal information more safely and appropriately.

This privacy policy establishes the basic guidelines for the handling of every personal information that SyncMOF obtains and uses.

1.Compliance with laws and regulations

With regard to the handling of personal information, SyncMOF complies with the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” (hereafter, referred to as Personal Information Protection Law), the “Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures”, other related laws and regulations, guidelines, and this privacy policy. The definitions of the terms in this privacy policy follow the Personal Information Protection Law and related regulations and laws unless otherwise indicated.

2.Acquisition of personal information

SyncMOF shall acquire personal information by appropriate and fair means. Unless it is permitted to treat it as an exception by laws and regulations, the purpose of the use of personal information shall be clearly stated, publicly disclosed, or promptly notified after the acquisition. The scope of personal information acquired by SyncMOF shall not exceed the limits necessary to achieve the purpose of use. SyncMOF shall obtain the consent of the customer when obtaining sensitive personal information unless it is permitted to treat it as an exception by laws and regulations.

3.Use of personal information

Information possessed by SyncMOF shall be utilized within the extent necessary to fulfill its intended purpose of use for each service and operation unless it is permitted to treat it as an exception by laws and regulations.

4.Disclosure and provision of personal information to a third party

Without customers’ consent, SyncMOF shall not disclose or provide customers’ personal information to any third parties other than outsourced contractors, joint use companies, and business successors. Also, customers’ sensitive personal information shall not be disclosed or provided to third parties other than outsourced contractors under any circumstances, unless allowed by laws and regulations or by consent of the customer.

5.Management and Protection of Personal Information

SyncMOF takes the necessary and appropriate security measures to prevent impairment, damage, unauthorized external access to personal information. We will also exercise the necessary and appropriate supervision of employees and contractors handling personal information. Security management measures of personal information are stipulated in the internal rules separately. When the purpose of the use of personal information is achieved, and it is beyond the retention period specified in the governing law, SyncMOF will promptly discard the personal information.

6.Disclosure and Revision of Obtained Personal Information

If the customer himself or his representative requests disclosure or revision(correction, addition, deletion, suspension, elimination, and prevention of disclosure to a third party) of personal information, SyncMOF shall respond to the request based on the laws and regulations.

7.Revision of This Privacy Policy

The contents of this privacy policy will be reviewed and improved as appropriate.


Inquiries regarding this privacy policy are acceptedhere.

Effective as of August 1st, 2019