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Dedicated to proposing solutions that have the power to change the world.

Our comprehensive range of services extends from MOF manufacturing to product design incorporating MOF technology. We offer distinctive MOF solutions, leveraging expertise spanning multiple disciplines, including physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering, and industrial design.

World-class MOF Development and Research Company

World-class MOF Development and Research Company

In the realm of MOF development and research, SyncMOF stands as a world-class company. We understand that the true power of MOF lies not just in its existance, but in the expertise to utilize it effectively.

Our team comprises experts engaged in MOF research and development, alongside professionals with deep knowledge in industrial design and mechanical engineering. By converging these diverse fields with the unique functions of MOFs, we pioneer the development of devices incorporating MOFs.

SyncMOF is proud to be the sole company globally capable of overseeing the entire process—from MOF selection to equipment design.

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    Equipment Design

    At SyncMOF, our proficiency in mechanical engineering enables us to incorporate powdered MOF—otherwise challenging to utilize—into innovative devices. Whether you need a solution from the ground up or seek to enhance your existing technology with MOF, we’re here for you. Our team welcomes clients with a desire to explore new possibilities with MOF, ensuring expert assistance in the development of MOF devices by leveraging our clients’ technology and supporting emerging businesses.

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    Selection of MOFs

    Addressing diverse client challenges requires a careful and expert approach to selecting the right MOF from a library of over 100,000 options. At SyncMOF, we engage in thorough interviews to understand our clients’ specific issues, leveraging AI to swiftly identify the most suitable MOF. Our prompt evaluation of MOF effectiveness, combined with professional insights, results in optimal MOF recommendations and utilization strategies that maximize its effectiveness.

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    Our expertise extends beyond synthesis; we excel in molding powdered MOF into various forms, such as filters and tablets, tailored to meet your specific needs. This process ensures that MOF is shaped for maximum effectiveness, considering both its integration into devices and the environmental conditions in which it will be used.

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    High-volume Synthesis

    SyncMOF leads the way in high-volume synthesis, utilizing proprietary know-how to achieve mass production of top-tier MOF. As the world’s only company succeeding in high-volume synthesis at the ton level, we offer unparalleled capabilities. Our synthesis expertise ranges from milligrams to orders of several kilograms and several tons, catering to a spectrum of needs with precision and efficiency.

About MOFs

Decoding MOF: A Porous Material Shaping the Future of Energy

Delve into the essence of MOF, a porous material designed for diverse functions. Unlike traditional porous materials, MOFs possess the unique ability to adapt to various tasks, such as selectively adsorbing specific gas species. As we stand on the brink of a new energy era, MOF emerges as an indispensable material, capturing attention for its role in utilizing gaseous resources effectively.