HOMESecurity Policy

Security Policy

Information Security Policy

We, SyncMOF Inc. (hereafter referred to as SyncMOF) acknowledges that appropriate information management is an important management issue. To ensure that our customers can use our services safely, we declare the Information Security Policy and comply with it and the separately established Privacy Policy.

Information assets to which the Information Security Policy applies are information obtained or learned in the course of SyncMOF’s business activities, as well as all information possessed by SyncMOF for business purposes.

1.Establishment of Information Security Management Systems

SyncMOF establishes a system that can quickly implement information security measures by setting up an Information Management Committee and appointing an information management supervisor for each organization to protect all information assets owned by SyncMOF and manage them properly.

2.Development of Internal Rules

SyncMOF shall develop internal rules on information security and ensures that all employees comply with the clear set rules and policies to protect the information assets and manage them properly.

3.Development and enhancement of auditing system

SyncMOF complies with various laws and regulations related to information security, codes of conduct formulated by administrative bodies and industry groups, internal regulations, and rules. SyncMOF conducts information security audits regularly and as appropriate to verify that these security measures are functioning effectively, and responds strictly if there have been any violations in order to ensure appropriate information management.

4.Appropriate Information Security Measures

To prevent unauthorized access, data corruption, information leakage, and tampering of data assets, SyncMOF takes appropriate and necessary information security measures from organizational, physical, technical, and humanitarian perspectives. These security measures are continuously improved and modified to adapt to social and technological changes.

5.Improvement of Information Security Literacy

SyncMOF continuously provides education and training to all employees to ensure that information security literacy is improved, and the information assets are appropriately managed.

6.Strengthing of Management Systems of Outsourced Contractors

SyncMOF examines the qualifications of its outsourced contractors before signing a contract and requires them to maintain an equivalent or higher level of information security standards. Furthermore, SyncMOF regularly conducts audits for its outsourced contractors to ensure that their security stand is ards are adequately maintained.

7.Continuous Improvements in Information Security Management System

SyncMOF continuously improves its information security management system by regularly assessing and reviewing the above efforts.

Effective as of August 1st, 2019