Changing the Future
With Nanoporous Materials
What’s MOF?

Porous materials
with unlimited potential

MOF (Metal-Organic Framework), PCP (Porous Coordination Polymer), and NPC (Nanoporous Complex) are porous crystalline materials with nanometer-sized cavities in them. They are the next-generation porous materials replacing zeolites and activated carbons.
At SyncMOF, we develop these next-generation porous materials and propose new gas utilization systems.


Characteristics of MOFs and PCPs

Jungle-Gym-Like Structure

MOFs and PCPs are porous materials that form jungle-gym-like frameworks by combining metal ions and organic ligands.
These frameworks have numerous nanometer-sized pores, which are accessible for guest molecules such as gases, water, and other solvents.

High Degree of Freedom in Property Design

By changing the combination of metal ions and organic ligands, MOFs can be designed to have various functions such as adsorption of a particular substance.
At present, more than 100,000 MOFs and PCPs have been produced for a wide variety of applications.

Industrial application

Application of MOFs and PCPs to the Industrial Fields


Gas molecules can be packed densely and regularly by being adsorbed in the small pores of MOFs and PCPs. They enable the safe and compact storage of gases.


MOFs and PCPs have the property of adsorbing and separating a particular substance by readily changing the properties of the pores. With this new separation technology, energy-efficient separation technologies are being developed.


By incorporating reactive metal ions in the framework, MOFs and PCPs can catalyze the reaction of adsorbed molecules. After converting them into the targeted substance, we can take them out of the framework.

MOFs can be used for storage, separation, and catalysis. They can easily be molded into different forms, including pellets and films, depending on the application.


The world's leading
researcher of MOFs

MOFs have a short history, and not many institutes around the world have sufficient research environment for researches in MOFs. SyncMOF is a startup originating from Nagoya University. With the world’s leading research facilities, we conduct research and consultation specialized in MOFs.

What’s SyncMOF?

SyncMOF is a consulting
firm specialized in MOFs

Consultations for MOFs


We can select the MOF best suited for your needs from more than 100,000 kinds of MOFs.

Performance assessment

We can evaluate the performance of MOFs. After the assessment, a property assessment certificate from SyncMOF will be attached.

Product Development

We will support you through the entire distribution channel, from the development of large-scale synthesis techniques to the distribution of MOFs, with the best solution.

To the gas industry

For everyone
working with gases

Our expertise extends not only to the synthesis of MOFs but also to the evaluation of MOF's properties.
Gases are much harder to handle compared to solids and liquids. It is our unique technique to be able to handle gases safely and measure the properties of the MOFs accurately. SyncMOF can support your gas research by providing expertise in gas measurement techniques, laboratory design for gases, and software to analyze gases. Please contact us for further details.

Feel free to contact us.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about MOFs and PCPs,
property measurements, implementation steps, and estimation of the cost.
We look forward to working with you to open up the way to a new future.

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