We offer
game-changing solutions

by integrating MOF
with technology

At SyncMOF, we harness the transformative power of MOFs, turning possibilities into realities.
Our mission is clear: seamlessly integrate diverse technologies to unlock the full potential of MOFs.
By combining our expertise with clients' unique technologies,
we pioneer innovative solutions for effortless water extraction,
safer handling of dangerous gases, and beyond.


  • Capture CO2
    in the air
    while driving

  • Recycle
    valuable gases
    from factory exhaust

  • Consolidate three gas cylinders into one.
    IoT gas cylinder with real-time monitoring
    of remaining gas


At SyncMOF, we understand that the true potential of MOF lies not just in its existence but in its practical application.
As the world's exclusive developer of devices incorporating MOF,
we are dedicated to transforming this groundbreaking material into accessible solutions for immediate use.

Our Process

  • No.1 Chemistry

    Selecting the Perfect MOF

    In addressing your challenges, we utilize AI to identify the most effective MOF from a library of over 100,000 types. Our advanced MOF evaluation device swiftly assesses their properties, ensuring precise MOF selection. This data guides our recommendations for optimal utilization of MOFs and machine design, backed by our expertise.

  • No.2 Materials Engineering

    Molding MOF
    into shapes

    We go beyond the powder form, molding MOF into shapes that maximize its impact while considering its integration into devices . Our expertise allows for high-volume synthesis and precise processing of MOF according to our clients' specifications, ensuring seamless integration into their applications.

  • No.3 Mechanical Engineering

    Designing MOF
    Incorporating Devices

    SyncMOF boasts a team of mechanical engineering and industrial design experts dedicated to solving problems through innovative MOF devices. We process powdered MOF, making it user-friendly and applicable for various industries. Whether addressing existing challenges or integrating MOF into your current technologies, SyncMOF manufactures bespoke solutions tailored to meet your unique requirements.

What is MOF?

Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) are
porous materials
with versatile functionalities.

Comprising metal ions and organic molecules arranged in a jungle gym-like structure, MOFs stand out for their customizable structure, pore size, and surface properties. This adaptability, a distinctive feature absent in traditional porous materials like zeolites and activated carbons, allows for purpose-driven synthesis, such as extracting specific gases from the air or transporting large gas volumes.
Researchers globally have crafted over 100,000 MOF variations with unique characteristics, and at SyncMOF, we've synthesized numerous MOFs tailored to our clients' application needs.

What MOF
can do

  • separation

    Extracting Desired Gases

    MOFs excel in adsorbing and separating specific gases from mixtures. This property facilitates the development of energy-efficient gas separation systems and enhances production efficiency by eliminating unwanted gases in industrial settings.

  • storage

    Safe and Efficient Gas

    Utilizing the tiny pores of MOFs, gases can be stored densely. This method ensures the safe and space-efficient transportation of even explosive gases, overcoming the challenges of mixing, diffusion, and low density associated with gases.

  • conversion


    Acting as catalysts for adsorbed molecules, MOFs can promote chemical reactions. By integrating catalytically active metals or organic ligands into the structure, MOFs can convert adsorbed gases into desired molecules. This unique property enables the conversion of waste gases into reusable, valuable gases, contributing to sustainable practices.


Empowering Tomorrow

At the forefront of innovation, we deliver environmentally friendly, secure, and sustainable energy solutions through our cutting-edge MOF technology.
Committed to shaping a brighter future, we are dedicated to advancing towards an energy landscape that is both self-reliant and environmentally conscious, free from dependence on imports.

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