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Demonstration of “Ultimate Circular Economy Model” at Yokohama Flower & Garden Festival 2024

World’s first demonstration exhibition of the “Ultimate Circular Economy Model” based on renewable energy and cutting-edge technology

Agile Energy X Corporation (a subsidiary of TEPCO Power Grid Corporation) and SyncMOF Corporation demonstrated the “Ultimate Circular Economy Model” combining renewable energy, bitcoin mining, direct air recovery (DAC), and aquaponics at the Yokohama Flower & Garden Festival 2024 held at Yokohama Pacifico (see details here), The “Ultimate Circular Economy Model” combining renewable energy, Bitcoin mining, direct air capture (DAC), aquaponics, etc. was demonstrated. The exhibit, which considered carbon neutrality, energy issues, and food problems in a way that was visible to visitors, attracted various visitors to the exhibition booth, including the mayor of Yokohama City.

GREEN×EXPO 2027 (International Horticultural Exposition 2027)

The International Horticultural Exposition 2027 (GREENxEXPO 2027), an international event, will be held in Yokohama in 2027. This will be the first time that an international horticultural exposition will be held in Japan since the International Garden and Greenery Exposition (Expo ’90) was held in Osaka in 1990, the first A1 international horticultural exposition in Asia. GREENxEXPO 2027 aims to contribute to the spread of international horticultural culture, to the creation of a lifestyle overflowing with flowers and greenery, to regional and economic development, and to the resolution of social issues. We look forward to presenting at the exhibition venue a more advanced version of our exhibit that combines the creation of local communities and economies and the resolution of social issues with flowers and greenery.

For more information on the “Ultimate Circular Economy Model,” please see our past announcements.