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“Gas Review” Magazine Features SyncMOF’s DAC Technology in Agriculture on its Cover

SyncMOF’s innovative agricultural technology, incorporating our Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology, has been featured on the cover of the industry magazine “Gas Review”. In collaboration with Awahata Inc., we have initiated a CO2 application demonstration test for strawberry cultivation. This project utilizes carbon dioxide captured directly from the atmosphere to enhance the productivity of strawberries intended for jam production.

By capturing atmospheric CO2, considered a greenhouse gas, and supplying it to crops, we can significantly boost photosynthesis and, consequently, crop yield. Our MOF technology captures CO2 directly from the air and has the potential to increase strawberry yields by up to 30%. This unique initiative reduces costs associated with import and storage, promoting efficient and sustainable agriculture. The demonstration test will continue until October 2025, aiming to establish a new standard for agricultural technology incorporating SyncMOF’s DAC technology.