Remove all the unpleasant humidity with new materials

A new-generation water adsorbent with exceptional dehumidification performance.

Achieves rapid dehumidification

DehumOF is a new-generation porous material that can efficiently remove the moisture in the atmosphere. It achieves rapid dehumidification at a particular humidity, which was difficult with the conventional adsorbents. By molding DehumOF into a membrane and removing the moisture with it, a batch type dehumidifier can be developed.


In a conventional adsorbent, water is adsorbed gradually.In DehuMOF, the amount of water adsorbed increases rapidly at a certain humidity.

The operating humidity and the adsorbate can be customized to suit your purposes.

We want to provide our customers with a comfortable space by removing the unpleasant moisture in the air. We also want to produce dryers to dry clothes on a rainy day. Manufacturers of dehumidifiers and dryers are constantly developing new devices. In the course of development, new devices are being explored in addition to enhancing energy conservation of the entire system. At SyncMOF, we developed DehumOF, a new type of dehumidifying agent that adsorbs water at a particular humidity. The operating humidity can be fine-tuned in response to requests from our customers. We also accept orders for both small and large scale synthesis of DehumOF.


Service guide

  • ヒアリング


    Let us know what kind of dehumidifying agent you need. We will help you with selecting the DehumOF best suited for your purpose.

  • 合成


    We will synthesize the DehumOF of your choice. We accept orders for both small and large scale synthesis.

  • 物性評価

    3Property assessment

    We will assess the physical property of the DehumOF. The assessment includes measurement of the amount of water adsorbed, analysis of heat of water adsorption, structural analysis under water adsorption process, and Raman spectroscopy measurements.

  • 提案


    Based on the results of property assessment, we will propose how your DehumOF can be improved. SyncMOF supports its customers through the development process of new devices by offering the best solution for them.

The samples we assessed will be certified with the property assessment certificate from SyncMOF.