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Renowned Skier Junya Maruyama and Snowboarder Haru Kagawa Visit SyncMOF

Renowned skier Junya Maruyama and snowboarder Haru Kagawa, who have drawn attention for using our CO2 capture device “Syllego,” recently visited SyncMOF. During their visit, they witnessed firsthand our state-of-the-art technology, including the synthesis of Metal Organic Frameworks (MOF) and gas separation trials, and discussed environmental conservation activities in snow resorts such as Hakuba Village.

Both athletes expressed that there is a growing interest in environmental sustainability within the sports community, particularly in innovative CO2 capture technologies like ours. We are pleased that our technology is facilitating behavior change in environmental conservation efforts among the general public, contributing to the achievement of SDGs goals.

For those interested in seeing the Syllego device in action, capturing CO2 on the slopes, you can view the coverage on NHK:

SyncMOF is committed to developing technologies that support sustainable futures not only for industries but also for various communities. We are excited to share our technology with more people and continue the dialogue on climate action.