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SyncMOF and Toho Gas’s Jointly Developed CO2 Capture Technology Featured in “Gas Review” Magazine

SyncMOF Corporation is pleased to announce that our revolutionary CO2 separation and capture technology, developed in collaboration with Toho Gas Co., Ltd., has been featured in “Gas Review” magazine. This technology utilizes our highly efficient adsorbent materials and employs a temperature swing process for effective CO2 separation and capture. Notably, it aims to reduce electricity consumption by approximately 80% by utilizing waste heat from industrial exhaust gases.

This demonstration test is designed to reduce environmental impacts in the energy sector and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society. SyncMOF and Toho Gas are committed to significantly reducing industrial CO2 emissions through this innovative technology.

For more details and to view the feature, please visit the official website of “Gas Review” magazine. Link to Gas Review article

We will continue our efforts to create a sustainable future through technological innovation.