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SyncMOF’s Ammonia Recycling Technology Featured on TV Tokyo’s “The Unknown Gulliver”

Our ammonia recycling technology, developed in collaboration with our joint venture partner Daiseki Co., Ltd., was featured on TV Tokyo’s program “The Unknown Gulliver” under the theme “Gulliver’s Outstanding Products: Challenging Environmental Issues with New Technologies.” This represents a breakthrough case of industrial gas recycling using MOF, setting us apart from other MOF startups. The program highlighted our MOF and ammonia recovery devices that can selectively concentrate and recover ammonia from mixed gases, developed together with Daiseki Co., Ltd. For more details, please visit here.

Ammonia as a Next-Generation Environmental Technology

Ammonia is not only used in semiconductor manufacturing plants but is also globally recognized as a next-generation petroleum alternative that does not emit CO2. Our ammonia recycling technology has successfully developed highly selective MOF materials, enabling efficient ammonia concentration and recovery for a wide range of applications.

SyncMOF’s Commitment to the Environment

Our mission is to supply essential resources to industries in a sustainable manner while considering environmental impacts. The coverage on TV Tokyo has recognized our efforts in the industry and provided an opportunity for more people to learn about our initiatives. We will continue to aim for a sustainable future through technological innovation.