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SyncMOF’s CO2 Capture Project Featured in TV Interviews at Hakuba Happo-One Ski Resort

SyncMOF Corporation conducted a television interview for our mobile CO2 capture device, “Syllego,” which was widely introduced at the G7 Hiroshima Summit. This opportunity allowed us to showcase a segment of our atmospheric CO2 capture initiatives. On this occasion, we were fortunate to collaborate with Aiko Uemura, a world-renowned female mogul skier, who demonstrated skiing while collecting atmospheric CO2.
The event was also featured on the Facebook page of Mr. Toshiro Maruyama, the Mayor of Hakuba Village, providing a valuable opportunity to acquaint many people with our efforts.
Mayor Maruyama commented on Facebook, saying, “Under the clear skies, the scene of skiing against the backdrop of silvery slopes while collecting CO2 with MOF technology was a fascinating and beautiful sight. I hope that we can continue to work together—residents, tourists, and the government—to ensure that our children can also experience this unique snowy landscape by advancing our efforts towards carbon neutrality.”
The coverage of this interview is scheduled to be broadcast on television, allowing many viewers to witness our activities. We will announce the broadcast date and time shortly.
At SyncMOF, we are committed to actively engaging in such community service activities to promote environmental conservation and the realization of a sustainable society. We hope that our initiatives will contribute not only to Hakuba Village but also to national and global efforts towards carbon neutrality.