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SyncMOF’s Innovations Draw Media Attention

SyncMOF Corporation has attracted international attention for its development of Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs), a cutting-edge CO2 capture technology. Our efforts have recently been featured by NHK WORLD. In this news video, our technology and its impact on the environment are introduced in detail.

NHK WORLD’s feature story

  • SyncMOF Innovation: This video shows how our MOF technology efficiently captures CO2 from the atmosphere and converts it into a useful resource.
  • Environmental Impact: This video also explains how our technology contributes to environmental protection and how it may affect the future of our planet.


This special feature is a great opportunity to understand how our technology is contributing to solving the world’s environmental problems. Please click on the link below to view.

Our Approach

SyncMOF Corporation is committed to developing innovative CO2 capture technologies to provide practical solutions to the global challenge of global warming. Our MOF technology is expected to be applied in various industries due to its efficiency and environmental friendliness.